A Few Ways to Screw up Your Life With Social Networking

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Sure, there’s hundreds of ways that social networking can be applied to your everyday life to make it a thousand times better. You can find jobs, old friends, find a group of people that like Beanie Babies and can share great conversations with you about them for hours, but there’s a lot of ways that social networking sites can screw your life up too and here’s a few:

That Creepy Guy You Used to Date Just Found You Not only was he creepy, but he was seriously a stalker for two years after you broke up.  The late night calls, the “accidental meetings” nearly everywhere you went.  So a few years have passed, you finally lost this loser and all of a sudden you are getting a friend request.  Ok, bad, because you forgot to set your privacy settings and half of your life is on display.  If you are fearful for your life then contact the authorities and get a restraining order because you can’t be too cautious with this type of personality, but this is one of the most common ways that a social networking site can ruin your life.

You Friended Everyone at Work, Including the Guy That Wants Your Job So, remember that illicit photo of you doing something completely against company policy that you posted on your wall?  Well, someone at work sure saw it and it made its way to your boss.  Hey it’s your personal life, you can do what you want and they can’t fire you right?  Incorrect.  Did you list your employer in your profile?  Anything that you do that gives a bad image of the company that you work for can be ground for termination.

Relationship-Status-Change-Rage So you got in a fight with the significant other and decided to wipe out that relationship status?  Unfortunately, everyone of your friends and everyone of his friends saw it.  The quickest way to find out who are your friends and who are his friends is to mess with the relationship status in a negative way.  You could easily lose half of your friends even if it was just a temporary out of anger reaction.

There’s plenty of ways to screw up your life with social networking besides the aforementioned.  Most of them bad mistakes that are made are because of a false sense of security.  The best way to stay out of trouble is to act as if  anything you are doing is being monitored by everyone you know, because it probably is.

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