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Online Gambling in the UKThe players at 888 Poker who always wanted to visit Morocco will have that chance through the latest promotion that is offered by 888 Poker. 888 Poker announced its newest promotion that would allow players to have the chance to win a golf and a poker holiday in Morocco. This promotion is titled The Moroccan Magic promotion. The players who win will be eligible for the special package that will give players the chance to play at the 888 Poker Morocco Tour Championship and the Euro PGA Golf event.

This promotion is going to become effective starting from the 24th of September until the 27th of the same month. The players who want to take part of this promotion will have to play through satellites or they can go directly to the qualifier. The players who choose to play through the satellites will have to play in satellites that run each 2 hours. The buy-ins for the satellites is at 1.10 dollars. Players will then earn seats in the qualifiers on their way to win the grand prize.

As for the players who will choose to go directly to the qualifiers, the qualifier takes place every Wednesday at 8:05 pm GMT. There are 2 guaranteed prizes to be given every week. The buy in for the qualifier is one hundred dollars plus ten dollars that has to be paid by the players who did not play through satellite to earn their seats in the qualifier.

888poker is known for always having amazing promotions and competitions on offer to its players. During this summer, 888Poker offers a huge set of promotions and bonuses to keep the players excited and to make sure that new players will come and sign up to the casino.

For starters, there is the Race 4 The Ace campaign that offers amazing free rolls that vary between five hundred dollars and eight hundred dollars. This is 888poker’s way to celebrate the Olympic Games. Players who sign up for this bonus will have to finish a race, this is done by playing at certain tables available at 888poker. The players will become eligible to enter the free rolls. The free rolls started on the 2nd of august and ended on the 13th of August. This is not all as the Race 4 the Ace Final has a total prize pool of twenty thousand dollars. The final is scheduled on the 18th of August. Another incentive promotion that urges the player to play at 888poker this summer is the fact that 888 has doubled its Sunday Challenge. As of now, the Sunday Challenge has an amazing guaranteed prize pool of one hundred thousand dollars.

Then 888poker decided to take it to the mobile players as they can also take advantage of the same promotion that is mentioned above. This mobile casino can be accessed through Android mobiles and iPad.

Sports Betting with 888

888 is known for satisfying the gambling needs of the different gamblers and it  has something for everyone. 888 offers a brand new extension to the existing promotion for its sport punters.

This promotion covers all kind of sport betting, including horse racing wagers and players can easily place wagers on any sporting event. This promotion is called the new Sports Member Welcome offer.

888 has been known to provide its players with the best promotions and bonuses, this is exactly what 888 did with the extension of this promotion. As of now, all of the new punters of Sports 888 can place wagers on any major sporting event, whether it’s a sporting event in the Olympic Games or at the horse track. Players who do that will receive a Free Bet of eighty eight British pounds and a twenty dollar in Free spins and a five British pounds No Lose on Mobile. The welcome bonus that 888 uses to welcome its sports punters includes a welcome bonus of an amount of free tokens that amounts up to fifty British pounds.

888 Sports is very innovative and unique as it allows the players to place wagers live from their smart phones or computers in real time without any delay or waiting periods. It also provides players to maintain a live wagering diary, this way  punters can stay updated with all of the upcoming sporting events.

888 Casino App

The app that everyone has been waiting for is finally going to be released this month. 888 casino has finally announced the release of its smartphone casino app for Android devices and iPads.

This is considered a major step in the company’s efforts to expand its mobile market and to supply the players of 888 with the best mobile products and offerings. This new app offered by 888 casino would allow players to utilize their iPads and Android mobile phones in order to play on a mini version of the casino. This mini version of the casino will offer the players a limited collection of the best games that 888 casino is known of.

It is expected that this mini version is going to follow the steps of the other mobile apps offered by 888 casino such as its roulette app and poker mobile app. It is expected that it would allow players to join in the fun without having to deal with the complex and the complicated main lobby of the internet casino.

Speaking of which, the poker mobile app by 888 was made available and compatible with iPads a few days back which allows all of the Apple iPad users to be able to join in the fun by using their iPad. As for the roulette mobile app for the iPad and Android devices, it was released this past month. This mobile app supports practice play, real play and enables new players to register.


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