3 Spring Fashion Trends to Rev up Your Diet Plans

diet plansAlong with bold color and fun printed fabric, the 2011 spring trends also brought a blast from the past. Marc Jacobs wowed the runways with his 1970 inspired fashion boasting familiar trends including the well-known vibrant 70’s colors as well as a switch from skinny to bellbottom jeans with high waists.

Another 70’s look Jacobs has included is that of Bow-Blouses, which when paired with bellbottom trousers and a cute jacket can be fun and flirty. Another big trend in spring fashion is all of the bold colors. Fashionistas will need to be cautious when wearing bold colors, carefully choosing colors that accent their skin and hair tones. Women who are tanner have an easier time pulling off the bright and bold colors, where as women with lighter skin really should look to tone it down a little. One big trend to look out for is beautiful bright prints.

Get creative with your options and don’t be afraid to mix and match prints. Throw away the notion that too many prints is too much, just make sure to include a solid piece to accentuate the complexity of the printed fabric. Think about all of these trends while assembling a spring wardrobe and remember that mixing and matching different pieces can create many different outfits.

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