‘The Obama Deception’ A Documentary Film that Will Reveal Obama’s Secret Agenda


Alex Jones’ new documentary film The Obama Deception provides a well detailed and highly important information regarding the first American black president administration, Barack Obama. Alex Jones is a filmmaker and syndicated radio show host based in Austin, Texas. Jones also managed various website the biggest being infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv, and prisonplanet.com.

The well crafted documentary film is aiming to reveal the unseen motives of Barack Obama behind his ‘empire’ and this film is created to falsifies myths that Obama is working for the best interests of all American people and people outside America.

This movie is specially created to prove that the Obama phenomenon is a hoax that has been strategically created by the New World Order captains.

This controversial that was censored by various websites reveals who Obama actually works for, the promises and lies he is telling to the public to con American people into believing that he is actually leading the country for the good and the world and finally reveals his real agenda.

This “reality-check” documentary film meticulously examines the possibilities the America might turn into a Nazi Germany that forces National Service, omission of the Second Amendment, unwarranted wiretaping, domestic civilian spies, and even Martial Law.

“If humanity has any hope of effecting real change for the better, it will not come from the Madison Avenue false reality makers, who have cast Barack Obama as the savior of the world.”

“To alter our course from tyranny to liberty, to defeat the corrupt elite, we must get past the puppets and confront the real power structure of the planet.”

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